Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finding the Edge - a reminder to myself

Some times our senses and our knowledge can be the biggest hurdles in preventing us from accomplishing our goals and dreams.  To accomplish the unachievable we must strategically detach our senses and deny our logic and popular opinion. 

When the goal or dream is distant do not let the journey over whelm you.  Instead focus on the next step required to move toward success.  As the journey progresses enjoy the satisfaction of your progress. 

There will be challenges.  There will be set-backs.  There will be doubt.  Like time, they all will soon be in the past and the next step will be the present; then the past, and yet still the future to come.  Only with perseverance, consistency, and determination as your company will you over-come. 

Maintain balance.  Do not neglect those with whom you wish to share your dream or goal.  Success is the failure of the lonesome.  As a boy band once sang, "money can't buy me love".  Achieiving a dream or goal will not replace love or friends lost along the way.

If you are fortunate enough to achieve your goal, your dream, enjoy the moment.  It soon will pass.  Thank those who supported you and be thankful for the opportunity to pursue and achieve.

Enjoy life, smile, love, learn, share, and grow.  Find the edge of your capabilities and push that edge farther and farther than you imagined.  Remember to dream and then with a healthy passion pursue your dream.  You never know when you may take your final step.  Should it not be a step toward a dream; a step taken with friends family love and passion?

Continue moving forward toward the edge.

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